Rapid expansion of industries after the enactment of new liberalization policy in India has increased demand for managerial personnel in the corporate sector. Advent of multinational companies further increases the quest of employees with high domain knowledge in all the fields of management like Finance, HR, Marketing etc.

Simultaneously, the corporate today needs students who can be readily absorbed into the company, without company having the need to spend much on training on how the corporate works and the job assigned to students after hiring. Further , Innovative firms and industries requires Executives with specialized knowledge to grab new opportunities and expects them to acquire knowledge and develop skills in diverse fields. All these challenges plus the pace at which corporate expectation change creates a speed bump in the growth path of working executives.

Every person may not have the requisite skills, but can acquire them through specific modules available on the innovative modular learning platform WELONLINE , developed by Welingkar Institute of Management , a pioneer of many innovative concepts in the field of Management Education.

Various modules available on this platform are aimed at providing employability skills that enable a person to utilize their conceptual and academic learning in a real life context , which are further enhanced through right mix of knowledge, skill and attitude.

Students can gain knowledge on a specific topic without disturbing their personal and professional life with no need to travel and physically attending the classroom. Even the exam can be given through online mode and additional qualifications can be acquired.

Every module has E-learning component with skill builder modules and downloadable video lectures from the best of the faculties from various domains. Also, the students get free access to online video library having two innovative sections namely, We Tube and We Lounge.

So, go to the catalogue section, select the program, Join today and conquer the new professional challenges by equipping yourselves with the requisite knowledge and skills.

To your success,
Team WeSchool.